How do I use MineBack Ultimate to edit my MineCraft world?

This guide will take you on a quick tour of the World Editing features found in MineBack Ultimate.

You will learn how to: Edit Blocks, Replace Blocks, Remove Water, Edit Signs.
Launch MineBack Ultimate, Right click on a world in the Worlds list, Choose either Edit (World), Edit (Nether) or Edit (End) from the menu.
When you run MineBack Ultimate you will be presented with a screen similar to the one that follows. The top half of the screen lists the worlds you have created and the bottom half lists the backups made for the world currently highlighted.
  1. Left click a world from the top list to highlight the one your wishing to modify
  2. Right click the same world to summon the options menu for the world
World Options Menu

MineBack Ultimate will process the world and generate a region level world map. Each region is 1024 blocks wide by 1024 deep, since it would take a while to render the surface for the entire world MineBack Ultimate simply displays each region logically in a grid format. It labels each region with its world coordinate range and its region coordinates:

Example Region Map

If the player is currently in the world part you've summoned then the location of the player will be displayed at the bottom of the region in which the player is located.

HINT: If you need to find a map location, press F3 whilst playing to display the current world coordinates of your player.

Chunk Map

The region editor defaults to showing the surface level map of the region. This view is good to help orientate yourself in your world map when editing:
Chunk Map
Hovering your mouse over any square on the map will show a tooltip (Chunk Tooltip) showing details of the chunk under the cursor. Left clicking on any area will load the chunk into the chunk editor (world editor):

World Editor

Chunk Editor (Top View)

When loaded, the editor shows the bottom layer of blocks in the chunk. The bottom layer will almost always be entirely constructed from bedrock.

The scroll bar to the right hand side represents the height at which blocks are being viewed. The current height is displayed at the bottom of the window, you can either enter a height to view / edit or you can use the vertical scroll bar to browse to a height.

Left clicking on any block in the world editor will replace that block with the block shown as the left brush (defaulting to Air). You can change the block being painted using the drop down menu.

Sometimes, you want to paint block in a vertical, rather than horizontal fashion. To make painting vertically simple, there are a number of different views to choose from; Click the combo box titled 'Show' and choose from the different view points:

Chunk Editor (Front View)

When you finished editing, just click the 'Save' button and your all done (recommend completing all your editing before saving).

Right clicking any block (Teleport Player) summons the teleport player menu option (you should remember the player is 2 blocks high, so just teleporting to a location with an Air block can be dangerous).

You may have noticed, that there are two parts to the map editing window, in the upper half you have access to the NBT data values associated with the chunk. Dragging the bar separating the upper and lower halves of the window allows you to see more of the NBT editing area (show below).

As an example, if you wished to edit the text on a sign, locate the signs in game coordinates and open the region associated with those coordinates (the simplest way to do this is to move your player in front of the sign, then click on the sequence of buttons marked 'player here'). When you reach the world editing window, expand the upper NBT editing region and expand the 'Tile Entities' branches until you find one with the ID of 'Sign' (containing the text of the sign already placed). Then simply edit the values of 'Text' 1 to 4 to change what is written on the sign (see example below):

NBT Value Editing

Augmentation Menu

When viewing the region map or the chunk map (aka Surface Map) right clicking on a region or chunk summons the augmentation menu. Augmentations are automatic actions carried out against an area of the map (for example: clearing blocks, replacing blocks, removing water etc):

Region Augmentation Menu At the bottom of each map view there are parameters to pass to the augmentations Augmentation Parameters (for example, the left block brush is the block type to find, the right block brush is the block type to replace the found block with when running the Replace Blocks augmentation).