How should I setup my MineCraft Server?

Easy Solution :
Use MineBack automatic backup solution

This guide will take you through the correct steps to setup your own MineCraft server.

Setting up a MineCraft server is a relatively straight-forward task, but, setting up and configuring a manageable server is a little more complex.

This guide will outline the best way to setup your system.

Step 1:
Download the MineCraft game server from MoJang.

Step 2:
Save the downloaded file into the folder '

This may seem an odd folder to put the server in, until one realises by locating the server here, it will automatically store the server world with any single player worlds you may have and allow you, if necessary, to play your server world offline (for testing and maintenance).

Step 3:
Create a Windows shortcut to the 'MineCraft_Server.exe' executable.

I recommend creating the shortcut on the Quick Launch tray. To do this right click on the quick launch tray sizing area and click 'Open Folder':
From the opened window, click 'File' (if you do not see a menu, press the Alt key to reveal the menu bar) choose 'File', then choose the 'New' sub-menu then choose 'Create Shortcut' menu option:
Now, sadly Microsoft haven't provided a way to ensure the Quick Launch tray content is refreshed. However, hiding and then re-showing the Quick Launch toolbar will achieve the effect we desire. To show/hide the Quick Launch bar, right click on the taskbar, select the 'Toolbars' sub-menu, untick the 'Quick Launch' then repeat and re-tick the 'Quick Launch'.

Quick Launch Icon
At this point you could just click the icon and a new server world would be created called "world". However, we can go one step better, we can pre-define what the new world will be called, to do this open a Notepad (or your favourite text exitor) and then create a file called '' in the same folder you placed the 'MineCraft_Server.exe'.

Enter the following line of text into the file:

[Your Chosen World Name]

Thats it, now just click the shortcut to launch the server. Now (if you have a reason) you can launch the main game client (without the server running) and play/test your world as a single player world, also all your world saves are in a single uniform location (and you don't need to make any special backup considerations beyond the ones made for your single player worlds).

MineCraft Server starting

Now you have your server running. You do not need to be concerned by the four warning messages you see, these only appear when you first launch the server (the missing files creating the warnings are created automatically).