What do I get for registering MineBack?

You will receive a registration code and a personal link to download the latest update of MineBack Ultimate or Professional (depending on your chosen version). You will also then be eligible for email support, program updates and bug-fixes. Finally I will consider requests from you to add new desired features to the product (subject to conditions).

When you register for MineBack Professional or MineBack Ultimate you will be immediately directed to a personalised download containing your registration code and a link to download the current version of the product selected. You will need to record your registration number, because I am presently unable to automatically email you your registration code*.

As a registered user, you will be able to:
  • Receive free updates and bug fixes (Click here to update a registered version).

  • Receive on-going email support

    Registered users are encourage to email me with problems they are encountering using MineBack. I can usualy release a fix or an update for a minor bug within a week.

  • Have the option to make product feature requests

    Registered users are also encourage to email me with and features they might wish to see added to MineBack. I have already made several improvements as a result of registered user feedback and all ideas are welcome. If an idea you have will take a lot of work, or is not possible I will suggest something that I can offer which might meet your needs.

The Development of MineBack Ultimate is entirely funded by user registrations. Every registration I receive gives me a little more time to improve MineBack.

Where do I find my registration code?

You receive a registration code and a personal link to download the latest update of MineBack Ultimate or Professional on completing the purchase.
Forgotten Registration

If you did not remember to write down your registration code at that time, do not worry, please email me at requesting a copy of your registration code (the email should contain a full copy of your payment receipt and mention which email was used to make the purchase if different from the sending email to enable me to lookup the registration code). I should respond quite quickly to email, typically the next working day, but please give it up to a week because MineBack unfortunately does not earn me sufficient revenue to dedicate all my time to it.

How do I submit a bug to be fixed?

Quick Answer :
Email with full details of the bug and screenshots to support your explanation of the problem.

MineBack is well tested and considered to be bug free on release. However, with so many different possible configurations and MineCraft map uses its always possible something was overlooked. Please don't worry whether you might have missed something yourself (e.g. its something self correctable) I will be glad to help and even if it does not turn out to be a true bug its useful to know what mistakes can be made so that I can make it harder for those mistakes to happen again for other users.

How often is MineBack Updated?

Quick Answer :
I try to update MineBack with each new release of MineCraft. Though finding the time to do this depends on ongoing registrations to fund development.

MineBack is usually updated quickly when a bug is reported or a new feature is requested by a registered user. I try to test MineBack's map editing features every so often and add new features myself, but my time is limited (extra registrations can help me find more time, since the money received can be used to offset other obligations and give me more free time).