MineBack - MineCraft Automated Backup Utility
NEW RELEASE(16th Sept 2011) :

MineBack (free) has been rewritten and undergone massive visual and structural improvement.

Since a great deal of effort has gone into the new version, the new release(s) of MineBack are now available as two purchasable products MineBack (Professional) and MineBack Ultimate.

The original freeware version of MineBack (Hence forth refered to as MineBack (free) will continue to remain available for download here at no cost. However, if you like the free version, please seriously consider buying one of the new versions :).

Registering for a purchasable version of MineBack will also entitle you to ongoing product support via email and I would be happy to try to make improvements based on the suggestions of registered users.

MineBack (free): MineBack (free) is a Windows .NET application which automatically manages the backup of your minecraft World (for Single Player Minecraft). It is a freeware utility, but if people like it they might wish to upgrad to MineBack (Professional) or MineBack Ultimate which offer a polished MineBack experience.



UPDATED(19th July 2011) : Added advanced settings to support custom MineCraft folder locations and game client launching. Improved auto configuration to prevent custom XML config settings being reset. Added improved error handler for restore.
UPDATED (11th June 2011) : Added option to select the Cull period. Added Backup Sonar option so you can choose to hear MineBack in action.
UPDATED (3rd June 2011) : Added support for non-standard MineCraft executable name and/or location.

MineBack Copyright KVK Consultancy 2011.
All rights reserved. You may not redistribute this application without express permission of KVK Consultancy.
MineBack - Screenshot
I've been playing MineCraft for a while now and really enjoy the game. I know there are MineCraft backup solutions out there, but I wanted one which was fire and forget.

I trust this solution for my backup needs. I don't however offer any guarentees, except to say that I trust this software and rely on it for my backups.

This software is Freeware, but please do not re-distribute the binary image (if you want to share it, link to the web-page provided above).